Space – the final frontier

What’s the difference between an American and a Brit? The American has a shortage of work-area real estate, the Brit just has a messy desk. But according to Dell, it is now affordable – and desirable – to replace a space consuming cathode ray tube monitor with a flat panel.

Dell has just introduced the 1400FP, which has a 14.1in viewable image size and is 60% smaller than a comparable CRT monitor. The new Dell screen is a true analogue, active-matrix, TFT flat panel monitor, optimised to 1024×768 at 75Hz, giving unlimited colours to achieve true colour graphics.

Vivid images are displayed with virtually no geometric distortion. With a 160 degrees conical viewing angle, users can view the screen from many angles – 80 degrees horizontally and vertically – without loss of brightness, image reversal or colour shift. There is no need for special interface cards and users can directly match on-screen colours to printed output or colour standard with an RGM colour adjustment control. The monitor also consumes 50% less power than comparable CRT monitors.

Dell. Tel: 01344 723045.