Spare parts site for jets goes live

Hampson Industries, the Midlands-based specialist in precision aerospace engineering, this month launches an e-commerce service for jet aircraft operators which promises to supply worldwide any aeroengine part that original manufacturers no longer provide.

The service, to be run by Hampson subsidiary Aliens Team, will be based around the website

`We’ve suggested to all the big aeroengine manufacturers that we could offer a huge service to their customers,’ said Chris Davies, chief executive of Hampson Industries. `We’ve done it very successfully with Rolls-Royce for two and a half years.’

Agreement of the engine makers was crucial, as Hampson is not seeking to undermine the original makers’ aftermarket, from which they derive a large proportion of income.

Davies said: `The number of gas turbine engines that are still in the air, having been launched in 1947 or 1948, is around 70%. So there’s a huge potential for business there.’

Parts will not be available instantly due to their complexity. However, Davies said lead time would be five to seven months, compared with up to two years from the original manufacturers.


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