Special helical form locks fasteners quicker

A quick acting fastener relies on a special helical form (part of which has to have a positive gradient, and part a negative gradient) on the nose of the stud and along its length. It is this combination of angles which enables the fastener to operate very quickly while retaining a positive lock.

Dzus Fastener Europe has been making speciality quick release quarter turn fastening systems for over 60 years. Only 10 years ago, Dzus was told that a tool to mass produce such a stud would be `impossible’ to design and manufacture. The company took up the challenge and designed a rolling machine which did exactly what was required.

Now the benefits of the Rapier quarter turn fastener are being used by manufacturers in the automotive industry where the stud is specified to fasten noise shields.

The range has been extended with the addition of the Rapier front-mount receptacle, which may be pressed or welded into place, enabling the system to be used in soft metal or thermoplastic applications. For higher strength in plastic applications, ultrasonic insertion can be used, and both assembly methods can be used in blind holes.

All existing 5mm and 7mm studs can be used in the system. The ultimate tensile load is 1.75kN before the housing pulls out of an aluminium block, and in terms of torque, the stud will fail before the receptacle does.

To provide a solution for BMW, the large head stud and long reach slip-on receptacle were devised to provide a reliable means of securing noise attenuation panels.

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