Speeding up the product assembly process

A complete software program enabling designers and engineers to quickly and easily simulate and analyse a complete product assembly process, using a working 3D model, has been announced by Prosolvia.

Part of the company’s Digital Plant Technology concept, PS-ENGINE-Assembly combines 3D modelling, simulation and analysis within a single package. It enables engineers to develop practical procedures for assembly and disassembly, check dynamically for collisions, fit and clearances, and simulate the entire assembly process – all before any prototype parts are made.

Creating complex motions and intricate assemblies within a dynamic 3D environment saves time and enables the working model to be demonstrated to managers, engineers, customers and service staff unfamiliar with engineering drawings, says Prosolvia. The user can navigate, zoom, pan and rotate the 3D view and study it from various perspectives. Several graphic windows can be opened simultaneously to display the digital prototype from different viewpoints.

Collaboration with Microsoft enables PS-ENGINE-Assembly to integrate fully with Microsoft products, using Visual Basic for Applications.

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