Spencer Davies wins pump order

Spencer Davies Engineering has won an order for engine enclosures worth over £1m, its largest single order to date

Spencer Davies Engineering, based in Burry Port, west Wales, has won an order for engine enclosures worth over £1m, its largest single order to date.

The company’s success comes after it was forced to change the direction of its business after two of its key customers moved manufacturing overseas.

Managing director Owain Davies said he took on board business advice from the Welsh Assembly, which suggested that to remain competitive, businesses need to find a niche market, create added value and secure IP rights.

‘The formula worked. We have introduced a culture change, built up a relationship with a new customer – Godwin Pumps – and instead of simply manufacturing to order we designed a solution for a problem they were encountering,’ he said.

Spencer Davies designed and developed an enclosure to house engines for Goodwin’s pumps that were creating too much noise, and managed to reduce the volume to less than 65 decibels.

‘The enclosures are efficient, cost effective and can be readily adapted to fit any size unit. We secured the design rights and now have a highly innovative product that can be manufactured here in Wales on a very cost effective basis,’ said Davies.

Godwin Pumps UK, based in Cirencester, is a division of Godwin Pumps of America, one of the world’s fastest growing industrial pump manufacturers. The company supplies pumps internationally for use in construction, oil refineries, chemical plants, mines, heating and ventilation, irrigation and water distribution. The company also has the largest fleets of diesel driven hire pumps in the UK and USA and it is this market that the order has been secured for.