Spillage response training from Fosse Liquitrol

Dedicated to promoting industry best practice in line with environmental legislation and pollution control guidelines, Fosse Liquitrol has launched a new Certificated Spillage Response training package.

Spillages of all types and sizes, whether indoors or outdoors, can and do, have serious implications for businesses. These include harm to the environment, health and safety risk of employees, company disruption, expensive replacement of materials, large fines and clean up costs.

According to Fosse Liquitrol, the training is designed to inform on spillage prevention as well as providing first responders with the awareness, techniques and basic know-how at a spillage incident to safely use sorbent products to recover the spilt substance and limit its escape to the environment.

Course content includes modules on environmental awareness, legislation, health and safety; identification of hot spots on site; spill response procedures; simulated spill and deployment of equipment and after spill analysis. Spillage Response Certificates are issued to all successful attendees.

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