Spinfire for the Office


software house Actify has developed new software that will allow Microsoft Office users to embed 2D and 3D design data into their Office programs and then share the same with their colleagues.

SpinFire for Microsoft Office, as the software is called, is a plug-in application that makes use of Actify’s .3D file format to embed and distribute the CAD design data.

Users have access to 2D and interactive 3D design information, both graphical and textual, from Microsoft Office programs that include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, without having to access the native CAD system or knowing how to use a CAD system.

Additional Microsoft Office applications will be considered for inclusion in SpinFire for Microsoft Office later this year.

Actify has already developed a Visio plug-in for Microsoft Japan for use in a pilot program with a large Japanese manufacturing customer. It was created so manufacturers could embed 3D models directly into Visio to allow the shop floor, in Japanese manufacturing companies, to easily access and review 2D and 3D product designs, ensuring that the correct tools and parts are created.

SpinFire for Microsoft Office will be available in late April and will sell for $299.