SSEF II completes green investments

The Sigma Sustainable Energy Fund II (SSEF II), providers of development and later-stage capital for green-tech businesses, has completed investments in two companies in deals worth £3m.

The SSEF II has committed £1.5m to Ampair Energy, a company based in Dorset, which recently acquired the business and assets of Boost Energy Systems, a company that designs and produces Ampair wind turbines, which range from 100W to 6kW.

Ampair’s latest model, the Ampair 6000, is a 6kW device that has been designed for worldwide use in grid-tied applications, commercial off-grid applications and rural electrification.

The investment will be used to support development of larger turbines and expansion of the company’s existing commercial activities.

The SSEF II also recently led a £1.5m investment in Energyflo Construction Technologies (ECT). ECT’s core technology, the Energyflo cell, is claimed to be the world’s first dynamic insulation and filtration product, and is a direct replacement for conventional insulation products in most building applications.

The technology reportedly lowers energy demand for heating and cooling, and makes it easier and cheaper for developers to comply with emerging regulations relating to carbon reduction while also enabling thinner walls.

The SSEF II’s investment of £0.75m was matched by £0.75m from the Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-investment Fund. The investment will support the large-scale commercialisation of the Energyflo cell and the development of new products and markets.