Stack ’em high

Fujitsu Microelectronics America has introduced the industry’s first four-stacked multi-chip package (MCP), the MB84VZ064A. The new MCP is equipped with a pair of 64 Megabit NOR dual-operation flash memory chips and 32 Megabit mobile Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM) with an asynchronous SRAM interface and 8 Megabit SRAM.

Fujitsu also announced a two-stacked MCP that incorporates 16/32/64 Megabit FCRAM, providing mobile product developers with fast cycle memory in a 9mm x 9mm package.

The new four-stacked MCP combines the memory used in two existing MCP products in a single four-chip stacked version with a 103-ball (10.0 x 9.0 x 1.4 mm) plastic BGA package. Combining these chips into one package reduces the total mounted surface area by about 63% of the previous combination of packages.

Fujitsu’s MCP series includes two 64 Megabit NOR-type dual-operation flash memory chips for storing programs and data. This flash memory, which was fabricated using Fujitsu’s 0.17-micron process technology, runs faster than previous NOR-type flash products, performing sector erase operations in 0.2 seconds, compared with one second for previous models. Access speeds are 70ns, compared with 80ns for previous models.

The new MCP, which includes significantly improved electrical features, incorporates 32 Megabit mobile FCRAM and 8 Megabit SRAM. This new second-generation FCRAM requires an operating current of only 25mA, and achieves access speeds of 70ns.

The two-stacked MCP combines flash memory and RAM (either mobile FCRAM or SRAM) into one 9mm x 9mm, 65-ball PBGA package, reducing the total mounted surface area by as much as 61 percent of the previous packages. The new series comes in four versions including a 64 Megabit NOR-type dual-operation flash memory chip with either an 8 Megabit SRAM chip or a 16/32/64 Megabit mobile FCRAM chip with an asynchronous SRAM interface.

Fujitsu’s 16, 32 and 64 Megabit FCRAM is designed for mobile phones, supplying access speeds of 80ns/70ns/70ns, respectively. Standby current is 70, 100 and 150 microamps, and powerdown current is just 10 microamps.

Pricing for the two-stacked MCP begins at $26 each in 100-unit quantities. Pricing for the four-stacked MCP starts at $60 each in 100-piece units.

Samples are available now, and production will begin in the second calendar quarter of 2002.