Stacking up the chips

Irvine Sensors has successfully developed and demonstrated an entire computer system that could fit inside a wristwatch.

Using its patented ‘Neo-Stacking’ technology, Irvine Sensors has stacked and integrated a complete, commercially standard suite of electronics to produce a miniaturized high performance computer in an assembly that is approximately one inch square by 1/2 inch high.

The system has interfaces and support for a LCD display, mouse, keyboard, USB 1.1 host controller, and various other forms of external input and output.

The ‘Neo-Stacked’ computer includes an Intel 32-bit SA-1110 StrongARM 206 MHz processor, an Intel SA-1111 StrongARM companion chip, a Xilinx Coolrunner XCR3256XL CPLD, 256 Mb of Intel StrataFlash boot flash, and 1024 Mb of Micron SDRAM memory.

In addition, there’s 8Gb of solid-state storage from 16 Samsung Flash memory chips, a processor clock, a real time clock, arrays of resistors and capacitors, a variety of interface ports including USB, UART, IrDA, SSP, PS/2, audio and video plus miscellaneous other parts.

The entire system uses less than 2W of power when operating.

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