Stainless Metalcraft awarded £3.6m components contract

Stainless Metalcraft has secured a contract worth £3.6m to supply components to power generation company Cummins Inc.

The Chatteris-based business, which is part of Avingtrans PLC’s Energy division, will manufacture fabricated stator frames – which house part of the rotary system that keeps the magnetic field aligned – for a range of Cummins’ electricity generators.

The contract runs over three years, with a one-year rolling commitment thereafter, with the frames being produced at a frame production facility in Chatteris.

Austen Adams, managing director of Stainless Metalcraft, said: “When I joined the business in 2014, our forward order book stood at just £10m but this contract takes that figure over £100m, securing skilled jobs in the local area for the foreseeable future.

“The addition of another long-term contract is entirely consistent with our strategy of building a portfolio of strong forward commitments and represents a significant step forward for the business in the energy market.”

Steve McQuillan, CEO of Avingtrans, added: “Metalcraft’s ability to win extended commitments from significant global operators, such as Cummins, is a testament to the expertise and hard work of the Metalcraft team.”