Standard compliant

Infineon Technologies, a supplier of communication ICs, today announced that it is extending its DSL-portfolio with VINAX, a complete VDSL2/ADSL2+ end-to-end solution.

Infineon said in a statement that VINAX is the industry’s first chipset that is fully compliant to VDSL2/ G.993.2 (Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2), a standard consented earlier today by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). VDSL2 is a key enabling technology for Triple Play services such as multi-channel HDTV, on-line/on-demand gaming and video applications, VoIP and high-speed Internet access.

Leveraging the full VDSL2 frequency spectrum of up to 30 MHz, VINAX drives symmetric 100Mbit/s over copper wires at distances greater than 350 metres (1150 ft), doubling the loop reach performance of existing VDSL solutions. VINAX’s flexible VDSL2/ ADSL2+ architecture allows system manufacturers to cover worldwide market requirements for broadband access with a single hardware platform, enabling global mass deployment of Triple Play services.

“VINAX allows carriers to seamlessly upgrade their DSL networks by gradually changing line cards in the central offices or street cabinets to VDSL2 while end users still use their ADSL/2/2+ modems at home,” said Christian Wolff, Vice President Communications Business Group and General Manager Wireline Access Business Unit at Infineon.

The new VDSL2 standard combines three characteristics that are a precondition for successful mass deployment: enhanced, ADSL-like, long range loop reach performance, ultra high data rates over short loops and features like Dual Latency, Dual Interleaving, or Pre-Emption. Only the combination of all three factors enables the large scale roll-out of Triple Play services meeting end customer quality expectations for undisturbed video transmission and carrier grade Voice-Over-IP (VoIP).

“We are delighted to see standardized VDSL2 technology entering the market so quickly as it is a key element of next generation DSL business,” said Tom Starr, Board Member of the international DSL Forum. “VDSL2 offers a combination of higher access bit-rates, enhanced QoS control, and ADSL-like long reach performance making it highly suitable for the quickly evolving telecom environment and allowing operators and service providers to reap higher revenues from emerging Triple-Play services, especially video over DSL”

According to a report from the market research firm In-Stat/MDR, from November 2004 total revenue from VDSL ICs is expected to reach $440 million by 2008, representing an annual shipment of nearly 70 million ports, up from about $117 million revenues and 12 million ports shipped in 2004.

Samples are available now, whilst volume production is planned for the third quarter of 2005.