Start small with EDM

Rather than using a large EDM package, it may behove some users to start off on a smaller scale

Although managing electronic product data is a priority in most engineering departments, it can mean a substantial financial investment, and many companies feel obliged to `start big’ because that is how product data management (PDM) is sold by most software companies.

One company taking a more flexible approach is Computec Systems with its KeyDM product and engineering data management software package for smaller and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The software has been developed in a modular fashion to help companies avoid an `overkill’ solution to managing their engineering data.

Computec’s latest product, KeyDM View & Mark Up, gives users access to documents and files from over 160 different software applications without running the original software. All data on a particular project, be it CAD, WP spreadsheets and databases, can be viewed and annotated on screen.

Selected areas of the graphics files can be exported to the Windows Clipboard or to a variety of file formats. If the product is linked to KeyDM management modules, View & MarkUp provides document retrieval and efficient ways to control engineering changes. Running either standalone or networked, View & Mark Up needs a PC with only 4Mb of RAM, but object-oriented technology allows it to provide access to very large and complex documents.

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