Steeplechase merging with Think & Do

Steeplechase Software, which was recently acquired by Schneider Electric, is merging with Think & Do Software.

The combined PC-based automation and control software operation will form a key part of a new, independent company, Entivity, that will focus on software in manufacturing.

In addition to PC-based automation and control software, Entivity will develop product offerings in the areas of automation development collaboration and production management. Entivity is backed by major venture capital firms along with several strategic investors holding minority positions, including Schneider Electric.

Ken Spenser, Chairman, President and CEO of Think & Do Software retains his titles as chairman, president and CEO at Entivity. Jeff Fisher, VP and General Manager of Steeplechase, becomes Entivity’s executive vice president of Sales & Support, with responsibility for growing the company’s worldwide presence.

The Entivity board consists of Alain Marbach, Bob Pavey of Morgenthaler Ventures, Mary Campbell of EDF, Kevin Sheehan of CID Equity, Dave Fachetti of JAFCO America Ventures and Ken Spenser.

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