Stepper drives are DIN mounted

Users wishing to adopt a fast track approach to motion control can now employ the new Parker DIN rail stepper range of drives from BSL Engineering. The range is believed to be the first motion control system to employ stackable docking stations that mount on a standard DIN rail, with plug-in drive modules

The system comprises one or more docking stations, together with a power supply module if the application requires high voltage drive. Installation is simply a matter of stacking units horizontally along the DIN rail in the equipment cabinet, and then using the system’s built-in-rack-and-pinion interlock to secure them together as a single assembly.

Each module is available with a choice of four power ratings, making it easy to match the requirements of the application. There are two 75V drives, with current ratings of 2.5A and 5A, and two 170V drives, with current ratings of 8A and 12A. Any number of docking stations and drive modules can be used in a system, subject only to the instantaneous power demands of all axes being met by the power supply.

DIN Rail Stepper modules are available as basic units with step-and-direction inputs, or as intelligent units fitted with a state-of-the-art position controller. The controller offers both RS232 and RS485 serial communications as standard, with a selectable baud rate of 9600 or 19200, and can also be fitted with a CANbus option. It can handle position data in the range ±1 to ±2,147,483,647 steps, velocities in the range 0.01 to 50 revs/sec and acceleration rates from 0.1 to 1024 revs/sec/sec.

The position controller’s I/O facilities have been designed for robustness and use 24V levels throughout, ensuring a high degree of noise immunity and compatibility with virtually all PLCs on the market.