Sticky business now on the web, is a new Web site aimed at industrial buyers and engineers who purchase adhesives., is a new Web site aimed at industrial buyers and engineers who purchase adhesives in today’s commercial construction markets.

Prior to its launch, Sealantsource talked extensively with commercial contractors and industrial manufacturers to create an online place for finding – and purchasing – the correct product. The markets served include window manufacturing, glazing and caulking, as well as the diverse assembly markets for aerospace, marine, appliances, automobiles, electronics, MRO, and other transportation.

‘Engineers and buyers consistently told us that finding the right information and achieving total cost savings was becoming increasingly difficult,’ said Phil Krichilsky, General Manager of Sealantsource. ‘In response, we created an online business model around three critical customer value points: technical solutions, purchasing ease and efficiency, and productbreadth.’

To address the need for in-depth technical help, Krichilsky’s team created SealantSearcher, an online tool that allows users to compare chemical properties, find the right product for various application needs, or simply obtain technical data sheets from various manufacturers. SealantSearcher is an extensive database which contains technical data and information on more than 14,000 adhesives and sealants from 35 of the world’s leading manufacturers.

To help customers experience both an easy purchase and a timely delivery, SealantSource is working with the e services division of GE Polymerland. GE Polymerland sells more than $3 million per day of plastic resins over theinternet and has more than 20 warehouses across the US. is backed by GE Sealants & Adhesives, LLC (GESA), and will sell the products of several major manufacturers of sealant and adhesive products, including GE Silicones, GESA, Macklanburg-Duncan, Foster Products, TEK Specialty Products and H.B. Fuller.

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