Strimmer components rely on DuPont resins

A high quality, cordless garden strimmer produced by Black and Decker has eight critical operational parts moulded in either DuPont Delrin acetal resin or Zytel nylon 66 resin.

The polymers were chosen for their balance of performance properties in what is a hardworking and sometimes abused piece of garden equipment. The ability of DuPont to provide both Zytel and Delrin of the precise grades globally was an important consideration for Black and Decker engineers.

The spool bobbin and housing where the strimmer cord spins are moulded in glass filled Zytel resin. The same material was selected for the battery box strap retainer and a component in the battery latch release system. Delrin is used for a number of components including the on/off button, power trigger and autofeed lever.

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