Stroke the mouse and feel the screen

A new computer mouse has been developed which enables the user to feel the sensation of what is seen on the VDU screen.

Licensed from Immersion Corporation’s technology and software, Logitech’s iFeel MouseMan™ is compatible with all Windows applications and the Web.

The mouse works by translating digital information into physical sensations.

When the user pushes on the mouse it will push back using magnetic actuators and sensors built into it. This process is known as force feedback and is already being used in military simulators and computerised medical training.

Any sensation can be replicated by the mouse as long as it can be translated into a mathematical equation and Immersion’s microprocessor design is optimised for performing calculations related to touch sensation.

Results are said to be delivered so rapidly that the feeling in the user’s hand corresponds precisely with what is seen on the screen.

The mouse also incorporates optical technology, launched by Logitech earlier in the year, which dispenses with the need for a tracking ball.

The mouse provides information on where it is in relation to the computer via a sensor, which scans the desktop 1,500 times a second.

The iFeel MouseMan™ will be launched in September 2000.

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