Stroking a mouse

A nifty little program lets you control your PC by drawing symbols with your mouse. Best of all, it’s free.

StrokeIt, an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor developed by Jeff Doozan at TCB, is a nifty little program that lets you control programs by drawing symbols with your mouse.

StrokeIt can currently recognise more than 50 unique mouse gestures and can be trained to recognise many more. For each gesture recognised, StrokeIt can execute a user-defined set of commands within an active application.

StrokeIt commands are defined within plug-in libraries that can also be created by third parties to do virtually anything.

To perform a ‘gesture’, users simply Click and hold down their right mouse button and then draw a gesture on screen.

StrokeIt can also be temporarily disabled by holding down the Control key, or right clicking on the StrokeIt icon in the system tray. Gestures can also be cancelled by left clicking.

Best of all, StrokeIt is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions).

For-profit business entities, governmental entities, or educational institutions, you can obtain a license that’s free for an introductory ten day period but you must purchase a valid end-user license after 10 days in order to continue using the software.

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