Strong bladder for safer journey

Delphi Automotive Systems has announced at the Mondial de l’Automobile 2000 that it is supplying its smart occupant passenger detection system for Jaguar.

The Delphi Passive Occupant Detection System is being introduced as standard equipment on the 2001 Jaguar XK sports car series Adaptive Restraint Technology System.

The PODS technology is said to enable vehicle manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of airbag protection through smart deployment or suppression of the passenger’s airbag.

The Delphi PODS technology consists of a bladder-based weight-sensing technology mounted under the passenger seat cushion.

While the ultrasonic sensors constantly monitor the presence and position of the front passenger, the PODS system detects the presence and approximate seated weight of the occupant.

Using occupant classification algorithms and signal processing, it allows the vehicle airbag controller to variably deploy or suppress the passenger airbag.

Designed to measure the occupants loading force on the vehicle’s seat, the system classifies the occupant according to weight, and provides the information to the airbag controller based on the occupant’s characteristics.

The Delphi PODS technology consists of a silicone fluid-filled bladder weight system, produced by American Components, a pressure sensor mounted under the seat cushion, and an electronics control unit for sensor data processing.

Unlike systems with manual on/off switches, the passive system requires no interaction or involvement by the driver or passengers to achieve the appropriate deployment decision.