Strong growth for Italian drives

Italy will become an increasingly important market for vendors of low-power electric drives, according to new research from industry analysts Frost & Sullivan.

The low power rated electric drives market has been defined to include all electric drives with a power rating under 75kW which are used in industrial applications. The market includes both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) drives.

The study found the Italian market was the fourth largest in 2000, generating revenues of $100.1 million from 117.300 unit shipments.

Frost & Sullivan forecasts the sale of an estimated 178,600 units will result in total revenues of $132.4 million for Italy in 2007.

Germany was the largest single market for electric drives in Europe in the 2000 base year, representing an estimated 33.2 per cent of total market revenues, equivalent to $362.6 million.

The next largest markets in 2000 were France (10.4%), and the UK (9.9%). Frost & Sullivan forecasts the UK will see a decline in revenue share as it continues to be affected by negative developments in the industrial base.

A modest rise is projected for France as the region benefits from rising demand; however, this should be counteracted by falling prices.

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