Students launch free iPhone game

Two computer-science students from Hull University have launched a free game for the iPhone, which is being downloaded by players across the globe.

Masters students Rhett Lezama and Ashley Kelham have launched their first game, called Aogi, which is based on ’Simon Says’ and requires players to remember and complete an increasingly difficult sequence of actions, such as tapping the screen and shaking the phone.

They devised the game as part of their MEng in Computer Science with Games Development. It has already been downloaded by players in the US, Mexico and across Europe, and the university is supporting the students with funding for developing and promoting the game.

The iPhone app market is booming and, although its technology allows people to devise and sell their own games, there are hardly any students who develop apps as part of their university education.

Lezama and Kelham are now working on an update for Aogi and a new game, which they are keeping under wraps for the time being.

They have set up a website called dotchocolatepainproductions to help promote their work.