Styling and surfacing tools for product design

The 2000i series of surfacing and styling tools allow you to quickly explore concepts and alternatives, refine surfaces, and output rendered images

Surf 2000i, CDRS 2000i and 3DPAINT 2000i are the latest versions of ICEM’s styling and surfacing tools. They offer you the ability to quickly explore concepts and alternatives, refine surfaces and deliver fully rendered images of manufacturable products.

The 2000i versions of the tools offer performance improvements along with new features and enhancements to increase productivity.

With Surf 2000i, NURBS curves, edges and edges of trimmed surfaces can be used as spine and profile curves with dynamic preview of results. A new Profile function can be used as a construction tool providing a guarantee of constant cross sections along a spine curve.

A key feature of CDRS 2000i is its tight integration with Pro/Engineer, providing the ability to transfer curves between the applications whilst maintaining their specifications. CDRS 2000i also introduces the Warp conceptual design tool that allows you to manipulate a model early in the design phase by twisting, bending, stretching and tapering. 3DPAINT 2000i adds True Type fonts and multiple 3D layers to its photorealistic rendering capabilities.

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