Success for Specialty Scanners

Specialty Scanners is opening centres at NHS hospitals to bring its magnetic resonance scanners for highly specialised applications to market, and developing products to work alongside them.

The Northolt-based company is collaborating with an NHS hospital on the design and construction of a stand-alone Breast Cancer CATS Centre, which will use its proprietary MR Scanner product. Speciality Scanners is also in discussions with two more specialist NHS Hospitals to host further CATS centres.

The group said that more money still needed to be raised to fully fund and execute its collaborative Breast Cancer CATS Centre and new product R&D programmes. The focus of the programme is the commercialisation of the company’s intra-operative MR Scanner (Mk-I) product in partnership with its clinical partners.

The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Specialty Magnetics, has also been awarded a £1.6m Technology Programme Grant by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

The new products R&D programme will research and develop novel MR-compatible application specific products such as a real-time MRI-guided biopsy system, and real-time MRI guided tumour ablation system.