Successful first run for new Rolls-Royce engine

The new Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine, which brings aero engine technology to the marine market, has successfully run for the first time at the Rolls-Royce site in Bristol, UK.

Available for delivery from early 2004, the MT30 is said to boast a power rating of 36MW. Its two-spool compressor design reportedly offers reduced start times, good balance retention and no lock up problems, resulting in greater operational flexibility. Similarly, a single MT30 can replace two conventional boost turbines, saving space and reducing operating and ownership costs.

According to Rolls-Royce, the MT30 is also cost-effective and efficient compared to all existing marine gas turbines above 25MW and is available for service in either mechanical or electrical genset applications for both commercial and naval marine markets.

The MT30 is said to have 80 per cent commonality with the Trent 800 aero engine, achieving 99.9 per cent dispatch reliability and more than two million flying hours since it entered service in 1996.

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