Successful trail for safe hypodermic

London based medical technology company International Medical Devices has reported positive feedback from the trial of its Surety needle product with the South Western Ambulance Service.

The manually retractable hypodermic safety needle, which was referred to during its development phase as ‘ClipOn’, has been trialled by the South Western Ambulance service. The initial deployment is intended to be for use with the drug Narcan IM, which is primarily used on drug overdose patients.

The triallists confirmed that the needle, which does not need extensive training to be used correctly, can be activated using a one handed technique, operates reliably and reduces needle-stick incidents by covering the exposed sharp after use.

Chris Thomas, International Medical’s CEO, said: ‘This trial is a further step towards deployment of the Surety safe needle product throughout the UK healthcare market. The product’s safety features are well tested in the frantic, fast-paced environment of an ambulance service, and passing this phase of the trial further demonstrates its value to the overall healthcare market.’

The Surety safe needle was launched yesterday at the MEDICA medical technology and innovation international trade fair held in Dusseldorf.