Sue me, sue you

Intersil has filed a lawsuit against Agere Systems for theft of trade secrets, following Agere’s filing of a patent infringement lawsuit against Intersil earlier this month.

Intersil Corporation filed a lawsuit yesterday against Agere Systems for theft of trade secrets.

The lawsuit, filed with the US District Court in Philadelphia, PA, charges Agere Systems with misappropriating Intersil’s fundamental Choice Medium Access Control (CMAC) Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology. Intersil believes that virtually all of the WLAN products being shipped by Agere use the Intersil MAC technology.

Intersil’s action seeks both an immediate and permanent injunction to prevent Agere Systems, either alone or in co-operation with others, from developing, making, and/or selling MAC chips that use Intersil’s CMAC technology.

‘Intersil’s intellectual property is a core company asset and we want to ensure our employees, shareholders and customers that we will protect and defend to the fullest extent of the law, ‘ said Rich Beyer, president and CEO of Intersil Corporation.

Earlier this month, Agere Systems itself filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Intersil in the US District Court in Delaware.

That lawsuit charged Intersil with allegedly infringing six patents, three of which are essential in order to comply with the IEEE 802.11b wireless local area networking (WLAN) standard. The remaining three patents cover technology associated with physical-layer (PHY) and radio components, which are currently being used in Intersil’s WLAN chip sets and reference designs.

Agere said that it had previously agreed to make these standards-based patents available on reasonable terms and conditions. Agere’s complaint states that Intersil has been using these patents without any compensation to the company.

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