Sun shines on BP

An innovation at BP, which the company claims makes it the biggest user of solar power in the UK, has recently been granted millennium product status.

BP’s solar powered canopies appear on 15 of the company’s newest service stations where they are used to power the pumps and lights on the station forecourts.

With a maximum output of 20kW, each canopy uses up to 300 BP Solarex panels to convert sunlight into electricity, generating, on average, enough power to run 55 television sets for five hours a day, every day of the year.

It is also estimated that the solar panels eliminate around 20t of CO2 emissions every year, a figure set to increase with the proposed installation of more panels on service stations in nine different countries.

The company also claims that the time and research it has put into this project has resulted in an economic design that will benefit other solar users by lowering the cost of its application.