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AP Technologies has been a leading distributor of optoelectronic components in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for more than 15 years. We supply an extensive range of cutting-edge optoelectronic components, modules and sub-systems for many applications, including industrial, scientific, military, medical and hazard and threat detection.

Since 2002, we have worked in partnership with world-leading manufacturers including:

Adaptive Lighting

Fibotec Fiberoptics

IMM Photonics

LC-Tec Displays

LDX Optronics

Opto Diode Corporation

OtO Photonics

QD Laser

SensL Technologies

Sensor Electronic Technology

Seoul Viosys


Our LED range spans the spectrum from UVC to the near infrared (NIR). We offer a wide range of LED components as well as engaging with customers to develop bespoke LED-based solutions incorporating LEDs, thermal management, drive/control electronics as well as monitoring and alarms.

We also supply single- and multi-mode laser diodes and modules from 450nm to 1,850nm as well as steady-state and pulsable thermal IR sources with blackbody output from 1 to 10µm.

For detection, we have visible and NIR-enhanced silicon photodiodes and a range of UV-optimised silicon photodiodes with responsivity down to 0.14nm — suitable for UV/visible spectrometry, extreme UV laser monitoring and direct ion/electron/X-ray photon detection.

Our range of silicon photomultipliers comprises true solid-state alternatives to conventional vacuum tube PMTs, avalanche photodiodes (APDs), Geiger-mode APDs and even silicon photodiodes in many low-light & high-speed applications such as scintillator-based radiation detection/imaging, fast fluorescence and LiDAR.

We also offer readout electronics for SiPM arrays using in medical imaging and radiation monitoring applications.

For longer wavelengths we offer a range of Lead Salt detectors with Lead Sulphide (PbS) covering 1-3.1µm and Lead Selenide (PbSe) from 1-5.5µm.

Our range of liquid-crystal based optical components includes Fast Optical Shutters, Fast Polarisation Modulators, Variable Polarisation Rotators and variable Neutral-Density Filters.

Finally we are pleased to introduce compact Czerny-Turner spectrometers and ultra-compact MEMS-based microspectrometers from OtO Photonics. OtO’s “SmartEngine” series of C-T spectrometers are the world’s highest selling spectrometers for OEM applications whilst their proprietary MEMS-based “Advanced UltraMicro” series are the smallest spectrometers at just 6cm³.

A name you can trust

At APT, our name is more than a catchy acronym and stands for the unique products we offer and our approach to business. We offer a responsive, intelligent service designed to provide solutions that help our customers compete in their own markets. With APT, you are guaranteed clear and open communication and strong technical support.

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