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Arcolectric specialise in the design and manufacture of switches, indicator lights and fuseholders for every kind of application from computers to coffee machines, from lighting to laser printers. Manufacturing for many industries and applications, our products can be found in; amplifiers, medical devices, personal care products, vending machines, security devices and many, many more.  

There is an extensive range of rocker switches, toggle switches, push switches, slide switches, door switches, vandal resistant switches, rotary switches, IEC connectors, fuseholder and indicators. Many of these can be manufactured with a choice of colour, illumination and markings to suit specific customer requirements or applications. The products carry internationally recognised approvals from such bodies as UL, CSA, VDE and ENEC.  

The smart indicator range incorporate embedded microcontrollers to provide a vast range of added functionality. The intelligent embedded microcontroller can be programmed for multiple applications, including a Single phase supply checker, a Maintenance indicator, a Temperature monitor and Temperature Micro-Logger.  

As a brand of Elektron Technology, Arcolectric has a global network of manufacturing and distribution centres with sales offices in Europe, USA and China, backed up by an extensive network of distributors and agents worldwide.

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