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Established more than 40 years ago, Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of HPLC systems, Ion Chromatographs and UV/Visible Spectrophotometers. With their reputation for quality, high specifications, reliability, good customer service and product innovation, Cecil Instruments really is the name you can trust.

Cecil Instruments Adept and Q-Adept ranges of modular HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography instrumentation and systems, may be configured to suit individual requirements. A wide range of detectors, including the revolutionary, ultra-fast scanning UV/Visible WaveQuest, may be incorporated into systems and controlled by Windows based PowerStream chromatography management. The wide range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers includes models designed for student teaching, quality control and high performance research. Some spectrophotometers are available for industry specific applications, such as water analysis, food and beverage analysis, life science and molecular biology analyses and reflectance measurements.

A wide range of pharmaceutical applications, including in-line spectrophotometer and in-line HPLC tablet dissolution, is available. The latest Cecil product innovation is the elegantly effective AutoQuest autosamplers, which have been specially designed for use with the Cecil Adept HPLC, Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography Systems. These AutoQuest autosamplers may also be used with third party LC systems.

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