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CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES offers off the shelf mechatronics products including piezoelectric and magnetic actuators, motors, mechanisms, transducers and sensors with corresponding drivers and controllers. These mechatronics products are used for scientific and industrial applications requiring features such as: micro & nano positioning, generation of vibrations, micro-scanning, fast & precise motion control, active control of vibration, energy harvesting…

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is recognised as a highly innovative company and has received several awards. The products, projects and training courses offered by the company focus on:
•Smart Actuators: Actuators & motors based on piezoelectric ceramics, electroactive polymers, ultrasonic effects, magnetostrictive alloys, magnetorheological fluids (MRF) & magnetic effects (moving coils, moving iron …) ; Applications : micro nano positioning, damping, vibration generation, acoustic transducers, micro actuators…

•Smart Sensors: Magnetic, magnetoresistive, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers or generators; Force, Torque, Position, Speed, Acceleration sensors, including contactless sensors & resonant sensors.

•Mechatronic systems: Multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms (XY stages, tilts); motion control; Active damping of Vibrations; Vibration (Ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process; Proportional valves; Fast injectors.

•Detection systems: Health monitoring; NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects; Remote detection systems for position, force, torque remote measurements.

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