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DEM Manufacturing is a UK manufacturer of electro-mechanical solutions, serving an international customer base of well-known distributors and OEM´s.

DEM manufacture under four product brands, and is the European distributor for MTE's range of power quality products.

DEM´s product brands are:

Roxburgh EMC

Providing a wide range of EMI RFI filters and surge protection devices, the range encompasses single and three phase industrial mains filters, IEC inlet and chassis mounted filters, common mode, differential mode and open toroidal chokes, spark quenchers and RC networks. Roxburgh EMC offers an extensive range of surge protection devices suitable for signal line protection, DC power supply and low voltage power distribution systems.

Deltron Components

A broad range of professional audio connectors, 4mm connectors and miscellaneous electrical connectors. Professional audio connectors include DIN and XLR plugs and sockets, phono and jack plugs, 4mm banana plugs, crocodile clips and a variety of electrical connectors suitable for instrumentation and speaker applications.

Deltron Enclosures

An established range of electrical enclosures including general purpose aluminium enclosures, sealed, flanged options, which can be supplied plain, or nylon and powder coated. More recently we have added IP67 and IP68 rated waterproof enclosures, IP68 EMI RFI sealed and protected enclosures, all of which can be customised to your specific requirements including powder coating and machining.

Media and bes are widely recognised as quality brands of audio and video (HDTV) patch panels, mains/power distribution units, patchcords and u-links.

DEM is also the European distributor for MTE's range of power quality products which reduce harmonic distortion, and include harmonic filters, line load reactors, sine wave filters, dc link chokes and dV/dT filters.

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