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DSP Robotics are the manufacturers of the ‘Flowstone’ computer programming language for engineering and education.

With over 10 years of history in making programming languages for computers, Flowstone sets a new standard for the rapid development of computer applications. This is heavily focused on engineering, robotics, SCAD, HMI, and signal processing.

DSP Robotics programming languages differ from traditional text based programming by providing a graphical programming interface,  where pre-made building blocks of code can be joined together to create the ultimate object oriented programming environment, drastically reducing application development time.

The latest release from DSPRobotics is Flowstone V2, which in addition to the graphical programming interface also allows hard code to be written using the new inbuilt Ruby programming language. This gives developers the best of both worlds as they can rapidly develop their applications using the graphical building blocks but then drop into code where necessary.

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