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Eppendorf is a biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in all spheres of life science. The company\’s broad range of high quality products and systems is used by researchers worldwide to efficiently carry out their work. The product range includes pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips. In addition to this, Eppendorf provides instruments and systems for automated liquid handling. Even a complete range of devices for DNA amplification for standard PCR or real-time PCR as well as systems for cell manipulation and electroporation are available. A new division of the Eppendorf Group, Eppendorf Biochip Systems, is focusing its activities on systems for microarray technology. New Brunswick Scientific, Edison, USA, stands for expertise and top products within the Eppendorf Group in the field of cell growth, detection and storage. Eppendorf products are designed for academic and commercial research facilities, but also for industrial companies in the field of biotechnology and in other sectors using biotech research processes. Eppendorf was founded in Hamburg in 1945 and has more than 2400 employees worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in 18 countries and is represented in many other markets by distributors.

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