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Framos has been established as an innovative and active partner in the area of industrial image processing for the last 30 years. Together with our comprehensive portfolio of imaging components, such as sensors, companion chips, camera modules, cameras, lightings and accessories, we support our customers with a real variety of development services, ranging from short-term solutions for complex demands up to large-scale, marketable developments of complete systems.

On this basis, we find or develop solutions for the key challenges in image processing, so that our customers can focus on increasing their competitive advantage. Our services are divided into three key areas: Framos Imaging Components, providing image processing components from our partner companies, which include Sony, Aptina, Photonfocus, Smartek, Visiosens, SVS Vistek, Lumenera and Toshiba-Teli; Framos Engineering Services, providing camera manufacturers with services to make the development of cameras simpler, faster and more flexible; and Framos Solutions, providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for specific applications.

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