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GRANUTOOLS develops, manufactures and brings to the market advanced laboratory instruments to measure powder behavior like FLOW ABILITY, COHESIVE INDEX, COMPACTION and ELECTRIC CHARGE.

GranuTools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization tools.

Combining decades of experience in scientific instrumentation with fundamental research on powder characterization, we offer a unique set of complementary instruments. All we do is powder flow characterization.

GranuTools was founded to address the need of the industry for simple, precise and repeatable measurement techniques filling a gap left unfilled for decades.

The Belgian additive manufacturing ecosystem is very strong and diverse with companies like Materialise, research centers like Sirris and universities like University of Liege (ULg). Neighbouring countries like Germany, The Netherlands, and Germany have booming activities in the field representing powder producers, equipment and users. Moreover, GranuTools supports customers globally with an installed base in 3D printing / Pharmaceutical and miscellaneous industries (food, clay, limestone, …) in North America and throughout Europe.

All we do is powder flow characterization.

Named after their purpose, our instruments are tools to understand macroscopic behavior of powders: Granuflow for flow, Granuheap for static cohesion, Granudrum for dynamic cohesion and flow, Granupack for compaction kinetics and Granucharge for triboelectric charging mechanisms.

GranuFlow – Granular material flowmeter – Semi-automated measurement of powder flow rates through apertures

GranuHeap – Granular material heap analyzer – Automated repose angle and cohesive index measurements

GranuDrum – Granular material flow analyzer – Powder rheometer – Automated cohesive index and rheology measurements

GranuPack – High resolution tapped density analyzer – Granular material density analyzer – Automated tapped density and compaction dynamic measurements

GranuCharge – Granular material electric charge analyzer – Electrostatic charge measurement of a flowing powder on a surface

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