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IPC manufactures precision cleaners and temporary rubber assembly lubricants. The company’s concentrated aqueous cleaners offer safe, economic alternatives to hazardous solvents. They are used in pharmaceutical, medical device, food processing, metalworking, electronic device, wastewater, and laboratory applications to remove oil, grease, wax, tar, biological debris, and particulates. The cleaners are compatible with glass, metal, plastic, concrete, ceramic, filter membranes, and most other surfaces. Validation methods and lab assistance are available.

IPC also manufactures biodegradable temporary rubber assembly lubricants under the brand P-80. P-80 products are widely used in the automotive, appliance, and pump industries to reduce the force needed to install tight-fitting rubber and plastic parts such as seals, grommets, hoses, grips, bushings, and many others. Using P-80 eliminates the compatibility and residue problems associated with motor oil, and reduces part damage caused by tearing. P-80 lubricants are compatible with most natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics, and metals.  P-80 products do not contain silicon, alcohol, or petroleum distillates, and once dry will not re-lubricate. Free samples of all products are available from the manufacturer.

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