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Lancer is a market leader in the automated cleaning and decontamination of equipment in critical healthcare and laboratory environments.

In hospitals and clinics Lancer washer disinfectors clean endoscopes and surgical instruments.In analytical, QA, medical and scientific research labs in leading organisations like MRC, Cancer Research and the pharmaceutical industry, Lancer washer dryers clean laboratory glassware and other labware.

All Lancer equipment conforms to the rigorous requirements of UK and European legislation. For some 40 years Lancer has been the specialist in this field supplying complete solutions to discerning customers throughout the world.It is part of the Getinge Group which is the leading global company in infection control. Not only does Lancer provide the washer disinfectors but also the detergents, disinfectants, consumables, accessories, installations, validation and testing services, maintenance and an Academy providing training courses and support as part of its ongoing commitment to its customers and beyond. It has also developed a range of effective cleaning, sanitising and handcare products for manual use, some with powerful biocidal properties, to help prevent infection and cross-contamination in healthcare and lab facilities

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