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Logical Fish is dedicated to improved efficiency in the manufacturing, maintenance and service industries.The company’s Effishon product allows you to take visible control of your manufacturing, maintenance and service processes, measurably improving them and increasing profit.

Primarily designed as a visual management and communications tool, by acting on live data and instantly and visually displaying feedback from all of your assets, the system is able to provide you with real-time status of your processes.These alert you to any unplanned problems and allocate resources accordingly.

Effishon supports businesses utilising TPM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques, allowing them to really demonstrate real and measured time and cost savings.

Effishon improves your profits and efficiency by:-

*  Getting your service personnel where they need to be, when they need to be there

*  Giving you clear, visible status of your business in real time

*  Measuring your service teams and processes, allowing you to make positive step-by-step changes

*  Controlling your TPM and planned maintenance tasks

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