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Producing with light

LPKF is an international specialist in micromaterial processing using laser systems. Thanks to its core competencies in laser micromaterial processing, optics, laser engineering, control technology and drive technology, it develops systems that underpin particularly economical production methods and enable the production of new products.

Products and services cover the following segments:

– Rapid prototyping

– Cutting- and structuring Laser

– Joining technologies

– Thin-film technologies

The performance is demonstrated by the following examples:

         The LPKF ProtoLaser S is the only laser system worldwide for structuring laminated printed circuit boards – with previously unattainable precision. This and the ability to process ceramic substrates gives rise to new methods of production.

         The systems in the LPKF Allegro product line scribe thin-film solar panels at an industrial level.

         The Gantry-class LPKF StencilLasers are the most productive and accurate on the market.

         High-output systems for laser direct structuring (LDS) opens the way for the mass production of three dimensional MID circuit carriers. Additionally LPKF offers a prototyping process and systems for 3D circuitry.

         Experts develop new systems and processes for plastic welding. The machines realize ultrafine join lines in a wide range of material combinations.


Laser systems for micromaterial processing in the following markets:

– Electronics

– Plastics

– Photovoltaic

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