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LUMERA LASER develops / manufactures picosecond lasers for micro-processing.
LUMERA LASER pioneered this technology, and is the clear market leader in terms of market share, technology and reliability.

These ultra-short pulse lasers offer a new quality in laser micromachining by 'cold' ablation, by removal of any material.
A single laser pulse will remove in the focus spot (typically1-50µm dia.) a thin material layer (20-200nm), without thermal side-effects like burrs and micro-cracks. Up to 1 mio pulses per second can act, so that 6-60mm³/min can be ablated.
The proper overlap of the pulses (controlled by galvos) will define the structure; scribe, cut, drill, or produce a 2.5-D form into any material directly from CAD file.
The investment for such laser is in the order of 100-250k€, the TCO per min in the range of 12-20 Cent per minute only.
Industrial picosecond lasers are new universal tools for micro-processing of any material (!) without mechanical contact/force, without wear and tear and without thermal damages.
There is a wide range of applications in semicon, LED making, PV, display tech, micro tool manufacture, micro-fluidics, bio-med, automotive, aerospace, printing, etc.

LUMERA LASER runs an experienced app lab to demonstrate a solution for your application.

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