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Magnetrol is a manufacturer of high quality industrial instrumentation
for level and flow measurement of liquids and gases. The headquarters
and production facility for Europe is located in Zele, Belgium. From
here we serve Europe, Middle-East, India, Africa, Pakistan and CIS
countries. The corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, USA.
Magnetrol is active in the following industries: petrochemical,
chemical, power, water/waste water, pharma, and food & beverage.
Measuring technologies are Guided Wave Radar, Free Space Radar,
Ultrasonic contact and non-contact, Thermal dispersion, Buoyancy,
Mechanicals, RF Capacitance, Magnetic Level Indication and
Magnetostrictive. Magnetrol is ISO 9001 (edition 2000) certified and
complies with various safety and construction standards such as ATEX,
PED, FM/CSA, IBR, Stoomwezen, etc.

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