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Our History:

The Megadyne Group develops and manufactures power transmission belts, matched components and complete belt systems for any kind of machines. As a reliable partner for original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket distributors, it has manufacturing plants in Europe, North America and Asia. Megadyne can provide its customers with a large range of products: thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, rubber timing and v-belts, pulleys, clamping plates, timing bars and more other complementary products, including tailor made.

1957, Origin: At the end of the 50’s Corrado Tadolini, a man with a lively creativity and intelligence, begins to develop a range of flat rubber drive belts and hence starts his own “corner shop business”. Megadyne is born!

1980’s Polyurethane: The 80’s are a turning point in the company’s development with the advent of polyurethane materials combined with the natural technical / engineering skills of the Tadolini family. They embraced the new technology and developed the moulded and open ended power transmission belts products.

1990’s Worldwide expansion: Megadyne becomes a market leader in the polyurethane belting sector and builds on the success obtained on the Italian market; it starts to develop a network of “sister companies” around Europe which was closely followed by outlets worldwide, from China to Brazil.

2000’s Transmission system: A new millennium brings a new chapter in the Megadyne history. The acquisition of a rubber production facility in Spain (ex Pirelli/Dayco) combined with a pulley production plant near Milan.  This development allows Megadyne to offer the complete drive package in synchronous belt drives, combined with a highly competent technical, production and sales function dedicated to the customers different and challenging needs. The acquisition of Jason Industrial is a key step guaranteeing a solid commercial and productive presence in the Americas. Equally important are the establishment of a polyurethane belt manufacturing plant in Qingdao and the acquisition of Ningbo Rubber Factory, giving Megadyne a powerful productive base in Asia.

2010’s Consolidation: In order to consolidate its market leading position, Megadyne strengthens its efforts to support a substantial organic growth and to scout the market for more strategic acquisitions that would enhance its offering.

Our Philosophy:

FRIENDLY: “People are our main focus, even before business.”

In today’s fast and aggressive business world, Megadyne is proud to value human resources and relationships as the most important single factor in the company.  Whether they are customers, suppliers or staff.

FAST: “Quick and precise answers, problem solving approach”

Quick and precise answers, problem solving and reactive approach are factors which make Megadyne a pro-active partner.
FLEXIBLE: “Promptness in adapting to changes in the market and in technologies”

Market leading innovation and flexibility in specific product manufacturing are Megadyne trait. This allows us to maintain our position as market leader

FLAT: “Short and direct Management for easy procedures”

A lean corporate structure, an efficient production system, a flat organization allow fast everyday decisions.

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16 - 10075 MATHI (TORINO)

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