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Mini Gears is renowned as one of the leading sub-contract engineering companies in the UK and can supply a full range of high precision manufactured components for many diverse industries. Located in Stockport near Manchester Airport, we have a large (35,000sq.ft) manufacturing facility with 85 staff and over 100 machines.

Our services include:

* Gear Cutting from 25mm up to 600mm

* CNC Gear Grinding up to 400mm

* Gear Rack Cutting up to 3 metres long

* 5 axis ‘one hit’ CNC Machining

* Sub-assembly

Our product range includes:

* Precision Machined Parts

* Spur Gears

* Helical Gears

* Ground Gears

* Gear Racks

* Steering Racks

* Flywheels

* Worm Wheels

* Worm Shafts

* Splined Shafts

* Lay Shafts

* Pinions

* Chain Sprockets

* Timing Pulleys

Mini Gears remains a privately owned family company and over recent years has invested over two million pounds in many high-tech machine tools to provide specialist services such as 5 axis CNC one hit machining and CNC gear grinding. Traditionally supplying markets requiring commercial gears and racks this investment has enabled us to diversify into manufacturing components for additional new prestige markets requiring our specialist knowledge; including high end performance cars and engine products, classic cars, subsea valve applications, aircraft seating and screens, diesel engines, vacuum pumps, medical, marine leisure and power take off units. 

    Top Gear House
    Bletchley Road
    Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate
    SK4 3ED

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