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For more than 75 years, ODU has designed customized premium connectors ensuring reliable transmission of power, signals, data, and media in demanding applications in the growth markets of medical, military & security and energy, as well as in established sectors such as industrial electronics, test & measurement, and automotive.

In 1937, Otto Dunkel built the first ionospheric transmitters, broadcasting messages into the atmosphere, to be reflected to another location. Early transmissions presented many challenges, particularly with the plug contacts of the broadcasting system. Looking out his window one day, Otto saw a man with a twig-broom sweeping up leaves – giving him the idea for an entirely new contact – the springwire.

A year later Otto patented his invention: Now known around the world as ODU SPRINGTAC, offering connector technology on the highest technical level. Multiple, individually-operating, springwires are incorporated into each contact [even the smallest 0.76mm dia contact has 15 springwires] – each springwire in contact with the pin, ensuring extremely high mating cycles and stable low contact resistance.

is a rectangular connector system offering almost limitless configurations. Reliable and compact, most ODU-MAC modules are based on ODU SPRINGTAC technology, ensuring high contact stability even under increased vibration.

Available in two formats  – in a DIN housing for manual operation and in an aluminium frame as an automatic docking version. The contacts can be varied by the customer – using a configurator, backed-up by ODU technical support engineers.

Whether in connector technology for the Finnish state railway, in the analysis unit of heart catheter systems, or in pick-and-place machines, the ODU-MAC ensures reliable safety – customers report no failures in the docking version of the ODU-MAC even after one million mating cycles.

So, what’s new?

ODU have introduced a new, high-density version of their highly successful miniature AMC push-pull connector. With dia­meters from under 10 up to 18.5mm and contact densities of up to 40 contacts, this connector offer functionality and premium quality in a compact size. At the same time, these featherweights guarantee a highly robust connec­tion, convenient handling, and long service life. ODU is developing customized versions of these connectors to meet specific customer require­ments, and also offers cable assembly and over-moulding.

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