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Parasoft Embedded develops and markets embedded development tools and solutions that leverage proven software verification methods to achieve greater productivity, shorter time to market, and significantly fewer software defects. We help developers code smarter and test faster by capturing human intelligence and converting it into repeatable processes. As the software components in embedded systems are becoming increasingly critical, the attention to quality in embedded software increases across the board. Long-standing quality strategies such as testing with a debugger are no longer efficient or sufficient.

To further complicate matters, many developers cannot readily run a test program in the actual deployment environment because they lack access to the final system hardware. To address these challenges, code quality needs to be realized throughout the development lifecycle-using a synergy of time-proven techniques for early defect prevention, assisted by automation for implementation and monitoring. C test from Parasoft Embedded enables teams to produce better code for embedded systems, test it more efficiently, and consistently monitor progress towards their quality goals. With C test, critical time-proven best practices-such as static analysis, comprehensive code review, and unit and component testing with integrated coverage analysis-are enabled on the developer’s desktop, early in the development cycle.

A command line interface enables fully automated execution within regression and continuous integration environments, providing data for monitoring and analyzing quality trends.

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