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Protocase, Inc manufactures top-quality CUSTOM METAL ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURES in just 2-3 DAYS. Protocase has NO MINIMUM ORDER.

Protocase also accepts higher volume orders, offering staged deliveries with flexibility of last minute design changes. Protocase's customers are engineers and scientists who design, develop, and/or manufacture electronics and computer systems. The work for companies and institutions in a variety of fields, including aerospace and defense, research, computing, telecommunications, ocean technology, audio, and many others.

Protocase offers.

Custom Electronic Enclosures: ranging from customization of standard designs such as rackmounts, U-shapes, L-shapes, etc, to fully custom enclosures, brackets, and sheet metal parts. Materials include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. A wide range of components are available, including slides, handles, self-clinching fasteners and standoffs. Finishes include powdercoating, silkscreening, and brushed finished. Protocase regularly fabricates custom brackets, sub-enclosures, and other internal elements that form part of an enclosure.

Enclosure Design Services: Protocase's expert designers can design a custom enclosure for you, starting from a description, sketch, or actual parts and circuit boards. Free 3D CAD Software for Enclosure Design: Protocase Designer (R) is the fastest and easiest way to design, estimate, and purchase custom metal electronic enclosure, and includes real-time online price estimation and online ordering are built in.

Free Online Template Generator: Protocase offers an online tool that allows a user to specify a size and style of enclosure, and then, within seconds, emails a blank enclosure design in a CAD format of his/her choice.

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