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RP Technologies are the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium tooling, injection moulded prototype and production components.

Their service prides itself on the fast turnaround of complex aluminium prototype tooling, injection moulded and CNC machined components from their UK based manufacturing facilities in the West Midlands. RP are unique in this sector as they have a ‘without limits’ approach when it comes to offering solutions to their customers. Their ‘without limits’ philosophy means they’ll offer a solution to meet your needs no matter how complex the component design or process. RP manufacture what you’ve designed, no changes just a simple solution.

From purpose designed premises, RP Technologies work to ISO 9001:2008 and offer a proactive service to a global market, with customers across Europe, the Far East and the United States. Their simple ethos of “partners not suppliers”, paired with ongoing investment in the latest technology and the knowledge, experience and skill set of their employees, ensures a first rate reputation for high quality at a competitive price.

It’s not just about prototyping for RP, they also support low to medium production moulding volumes from our tooling with a guaranteed tool life, through to full series production from new or existing tooling & CNC machined components in most polymers & metals.

RP Technologies have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, from 5 Axis CNC machining centres right through to the most modern injection moulding machinery available. This paired with our dedicated and experienced team means that we can offer the following services:

Aluminium Tooling : to support prototype, pre-production, and production volumes

• Single or Multi Cavity tools
• Bridge tooling
• High complexity
• Cavities up to 1000mm x 600mm x 600mm
• Hot runner feed systems
• Steel cavities / features
• Threads (internal and external)
• Internal undercuts
• Sliding and hydraulic cores
• Finishes including Texturing, graining, polishes
• Engraving
• Modifications
• EDM – Spark Erosion to achieve intricate detail

Plastic Injection Moulding: in any production intent polymer to cover prototype, pre production, and production volumes

• Grade specific polymers
• Colour matching
• Insert moulding
• Over moulding
• Value added operations including: assembly, plastic welding, painting, decorative finishes, and printing.

CNC Machining : perfect for low volume prototyping

• Machined components in most metals and polymers
• Low volume, from 1 part – perfect for prototypes
• Maximum size: 1200mm x 600mm
• High complexity supported with ISIR documentation