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ShapeSpace 3D search technology helps enterprises to quickly find CAD files held in Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, improving efficiency and productivity.

By using the common denominator of shape, duplicate or near-duplicate, parts can be quantified, irrespective of the CAD system. This avoids naming convention issues, and regional variances that inhibit and frustrate searches. 

Using ShapeSpace software PLM managers and design managers are able to rationalise existing parts libraries by de-duplicating or data cleansing the file vault/s and achieve process efficiences and cost benefits. 3D files can be categorised and managed more efficiently. 

ProcessFlows is the UK distributor for ShapeSpace Ltd. Since 1987 ProcessFlows has helped more than 2,000 organisations reduce costs, improve productivity and comply with regulatory requirements by automating business processes. ProcessFlows combine best-of-breed technology with its unique experience to provide customers with flexible solutions that grow with the business and provide a fast return on investment.

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